Dennis Zanatta attending Suitable’s premiere at LA FILM FESTIVAL

Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Dennis Zanatta is an award winning Cinematographer based in Los Angeles, CA. Dennis received his BA in Social Communication from USJT in São Paulo and a MFA in Cinematography from the prestigious American Film Institute. He is a member of the Brazilian Society of Cinematographers, ABC. He recently won the Best Cinematography Award at the Indie Series Awards for his work on the narrative web series “In Absentia.” And, his short film “Suitable” won several awards and is currently on the HBO platform. Dennis’ work as a Cinematographer has been on a variety of networks such as Discovery Channel, National Geographic, UFC, Oxygen, amongst others.

Dennis is a native Portuguese speaker, fluent in Spanish and English. Having grown up in the largest city of South America, he brings a unique vision to every story he portrays and can deliver a unique style for each project. Dennis believes that collaboration is the key to achieve excellence.