Dennis Zanatta attending Suitable’s premiere at LA FILM FESTIVAL

Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, Dennis Zanatta’s passion for filmmaking flourished as a young boy. He was obsessed about how the movies were made and watched behind the scenes after the movie ended. His career started in documentaries in the early 2000’s and transition to making movies and TV series.

He is based in Los Angeles, CA where he got his MFA in Cinematography in 2015 from the prestigious American Film Institute. He is also a member of the Society of Brazilian Cinematographers (ABC), a local 600 Director of Photography and a member of the Steadicam Operators Association (SOA).

From real stories to fiction, Dennis always strives for excellence and has portrayed beautiful imagery throughout almost 20 years. He has shot several TV shows and short films, including Suitable, screened in over 25 film festivals and won the Award of Excellence in the 2018 IndieFEST.

He has won Best Cinematography at the Indie Series Awards for his work on the narrative web series “In Absentia” currently on Amazon Prime. He has two features under his belt, “LOULOU – starring Desean Terry, Patricka Darbo and Reicko Aylesworth ” and “DETAINED – starring Abbie Cornish, Laz Alonso, Justin Min, Moon Bloodgood ”.

Having grown up in the largest city of South America, he brings a unique vision to every story he portrays and can deliver a unique style for each project.